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At SPECIALTY WAREHOUSE, we take pride in our imprinting quality and ability to vividly produce your design on any of our products. To accomplish this we pay particular attention to the quality of artwork we receive. The following specifications detail our requirements in providing you exceptional imprinting of your logo. Artwork not meeting these standards may incur additional costs and time.

Questions About Your Art?
Prior to placing your order, we invite you to send a copy of your art and any questions regarding its printability on any SPECIALTY WAREHOUSE product to We will review your artwork and make recommendations for achieving the best imprint possible, generally within 24 hours.

Digital Art:
For best results, we prefer VECTOR ART created in Adobe Illustrator CS2 or older. Vector images are created in a drawing program and consist of shapes based on mathematics. These graphics contain clear, smooth lines that retain their sharpness and proportions when edited. When submitting your vector art, we accept the following:

Acceptable Formats

PC or Mac versions: Illustrator CS2 or Older, in Place an Order .EPS - .AI,  - .CDR, - (.PDF formats See below...). Scanned art must be 600 DPI or better and all fonts and/or placed images must be included and 'Converted to Outlines' (or curves) prior to e-mailing. You can also send a CD disk containing art work. Touching up or reconstruction of art will incur a minimum $22.00 art charge, a fax printout must be sent at time of email with Purchase Order. Acknowledgements: we send via fax or email. Please advise your email address when placing imprinted orders.

Email Address for E-mailed Art: Your camera ready art can be emailed

FAX YOUR COPY/LAYOUT: Please FAX a printed copy of your artwork for reference only to (866) 463-1189, so we can compare the fax version to your emailed version. We DO NOT ACCEPT faxes for artwork, they are only for reference only!

*Unacceptable Formats

FILE FORMATS WE DO NOT ACCEPT: *Additional charges might apply if we are required to clean up your art in these formats.

*Artwork sent to use in these formats (
DOC - BMP - PPT - WORD - JPG - GIF - PSD - BMP - TIF - PUB) will be subject to a $22.00-$40.00 art clean up charge. ( To be determined? )

* All Photoshop Files .psd
: Will incur a $25.00 vector conversion charge, plus an additional 24-hours for our art department to convert your Photoshop file a useable vector format.

*Notes about PDF Formats:
A scanned image (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .psd,) or art created in a photo/paint program is not vector art. In addition, placing, linking, embedding, or copying these images into a drawing program or PDF format does not convert them into vector art and will not meet our art requirements.

Must be at least 400% larger than actual size for proper computer scanning. If camera ready black & white PMT is sent, it must be at least 400% larger than actual size. Art charge will apply if artwork is not camera ready or type setting is required at our art department discretion. Art touch-up of emailed art or general art touch-up: $40.00 minimum charge.

Our normal production time of most products is 10-12 business days. Special order item(s) are not associated within the normal production timeline

ART MAKE READY CHARGE: We can make your low quality art camera ready for $40.00
Call us at 800.828.6020 for details..
Place an Order Click here for before and after samples of our art clean-up.

Custom Logos: Place an Order Over 800 FREE custom logos for your business.

Fonts Samples:
Place an Order View our Font Samples (Reference Only!)

Imprint Colors: Place an Order View our Imprint Color Samples (Reference Only!)

School Mascots: Place an Order Stock School Mascots

ART STORAGE of your artwork is routine for 24 months following shipment of your order. Upon request, we will return artwork files which may include changes made to produce your order. In certain circumstances, there may be additional artwork charges to compensate us for our proprietary work performed to produce imprinted products with your submitted artwork.

General Terms & Conditions

Blank Products - If available in stock, Last Column Pricing with minimum $50 for most orders. For items requiring assembly, minimums apply.

Catalogs- Upon request, we will mail a Kaeser & Blair product catalog via U.S. Mail for $5.00 per catalog. For higher quantities, please provide a carrier and account number.

Custom Quotes or Large Quotes - Call, fax or email your specifications for fast, friendly service.

Less Than Minimum (LTM) - For most items, we will accept orders for 1/2 of the published minimum with a $50 (Less than Minimum Charge) LTM charge on most items.

Order Confirmation - Along with your Paper Proof, you will receive a copy of our terms and conditions and a Sales Order detailing quantities, colors, styles, shipping information, etc. Please check this carefully and return with your approval so we can proceed.

Over & Under Runs - For custom orders, you may receive up to 5-7% in over-runs or under-runs unless otherwise agreed. You may request “No over-runs” at no additional charge if you are willing to accept up to 5% under-run. “Exact quantity” orders are subject to a 5% surcharge.

Paper Proofs - The first paper proof is provided at no charge, and is required before printing all orders to assure accuracy. Any changes or requests are subject to a $10 charge per additional proof. Once a paper proof is signed, the customer accepts full responsibility.

Samples - Random imprinted samples are available at no charge for most items. Items totaling $10 or more are billed at Last Column Pricing. Samples are shipped the following business day after a completed request form has been received. All sample requests require a carrier account number and preferred ship method. Call 1.800.828.6020 for instructions and details of how to submit a samples request.

Virtual Samples - Available for most items at the cost of $50 each.

Pre-Production Samples - Actual pre-production samples are available for an additional Setup Cost and the shipping charges. Please call 1.800.828.6020 for additional details and charges.

Rush Service - Is available on most items for an additional charge. Call for pricing and availability.

Shipments - Drop Shipments are $8 per address. Inquire for cost-effective quotes on larger direct mailings and fulfillment. International Shipments: N/A – not available

Shipping Damages - Buyer is responsible to immediately inspect all goods upon delivery. All shipping related damage claims must be made by the receiver of the goods to the respective shipping company in a timely manner. Specialty Warehouse / / Kaeser & Blair, Inc. will make a reasonable effort in supplying related documents to support your claims. However, it is ultimately the receiver’s responsibility to file the damage claim. Each individual shipping company has different claim procedures per their individual guidelines, terms and conditions. Specialty Warehouse / / Kaeser & Blair, Inc. will not be liable for any damages, lost or stolen goods caused by the shipping company. Additionally, Specialty Warehouse / / Kaeser & Blair, Inc. is not responsible for damages or loss in connection with our products BEING re-shipped to another location after it has been received in good order at the original ship to address specified on the purchase order.

Cancellations - All cancellations must be submitted in writing with an immediate follow up phone call to your Customer Service Representative. Cancellations can be made prior to the completion of your order, but may incur charges totaling the entire cost of your order less shipping and handling.

Returns - Specialty Warehouse / / Kaeser & Blair, Inc. - does not accept returns.

Artwork Specifications
/ Graphic Formats - Formats accepted include EPS for color separation. A hard copy proof (faxed to 1.866.463.1189) must accompany ALL digital artwork. All text must be converted to outline or curves. (Digital print-ready art consists of artwork in Adobe Illustrator EPS CS12 vector format or Corel Draw 12.0 outline to curves). Camera ready art may also be provided for single color. (Camera ready art consists of black & white hard copy artwork scaled to size and position). Images using halftones or grayscale are not applicable on some products. Layout and art charges will be billed at $60/hr. with a minimum charge of $15.

Color - SPOT COLORS: Most printing is done in spot colors. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). All files containing RGB or CMYK must be converted into spot colors for (PMS colors). The colors must be clearly identified in the file as well as on the composite (hard copy). Due to the nature of the materials in the products printed, we cannot guarantee an exact PMS color match on some items. PMS charge at $25-$35 per color depending on the product manufacturer.

Art Charges - Straight line copy and art charges will be assessed according to time and difficulty at $60/hr. with a minimum charge of $15. Prior written approval is required.


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